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Why Being A Parent Can Actually Increase Your Productivity

Many people are under the impression that having children changes your life dramatically and it’s true, but maybe not in the ways that you might expect. Kids shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance when it comes to balancing motherhood or fatherhood and a career since most...

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Why Parents and Doctors Should Think About A.D.H.D. in Preschool

Preschool children are supposed to run around a lot and jump from one activity to the next. Trying to decide whether a 4-year-old’s activity level or attention span is truly problematic can raise a challenging mix of questions and concerns about children being medicated for behaving,...

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6 Ways To Celebrate Diversity In Classroom

Classrooms today are more diverse than ever. Different backgrounds, cultures, and religions are interwoven into the average American class. However, not all students that come from various diverse backgrounds feel included or accepted. In a day and age where the political climate has started shifting into...

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